Sunday, October 21, 2007

Garden aerators and mailboxes

A home is not a bare house. It normally have a garden, rooms, kitchens, bathrooms, plus you would need to have a mailbox for your friendly postman to stuff in your letters in. You wouldn't like the friendly postman to throw your mail on your doorstep would you? If you don't provide a mailbox to receive your letters, that is just what might happen.

A garden need to be maintained. One of the problem that a garden may face is soil compaction which leads to poor aeration of the soil. To overcome that problem, there are garden or lawn aerator. There are 2 main types. One uses spikes to punch holes in the soil. Another pulls out plugs of soil. The second type is called a core aerator. It remove cores of soil to allow air contact.

A home, as mentioned earlier, also needs mailboxes. With the ubiquitous Internet, getting one that suit your home and your budget is easy, as you can verify from the above link.

If your home has a garden, a good choice is to have self-standing Column Mailboxes or you may prefer other types of residential mailboxes which are mostly wall mounted mailboxes.

That would make your home complete, a well aerated garden where earthworm can live in comfort and keep your lawn healthy and a mailbox to receive your important correspondences.

However, a home with a family need sustenance. To sustain a family requires the bread winner to work at a job for a salary to take home, or to run a business. The site mailboxixchange also have a range of Commercial Mailboxes for his office or factory premises.

Thursday, October 18, 2007

Economics: Viability of the Zero Energy Input Waterwheel Aerator

This is a reply to someone in a forum which can also be a discussion on the viability of this Zero Energy Input Waterwheel Aerator (click BACK button to get back to this page).

Hi Richard,

Thanks for the interest. The concept is good - use waste surplus energy for something useful, the problem is economics, the low price of electricity. As mentioned on the site, it can put 3.3 - 4kg of oxygen per annum per meter square of surface area. A plate has 2 sides, so per sq. meter of plate can get about 6.6-8kg of oxygen. This from the table for efficiency

Efficiency of Aeration System (click BACK button to get back to this page).

The least efficient uses 1.10 - 1.64kWh per kg oxygen
Cost of electricity depend on which country or location you are in. Some ideas may be obtained from

Basic Electricity Statistics (data for 2005 except where noted)

According to that site, cost to industry=5.13 US cent. That means the device can save max 40 US cent per annum. If we aim for cost recovery in 5 years, the device has to cost less than US2.00 per sq meter plate.

However, note that the cost of energy, especially petroleum and gas, is constantly increasing, and what may not be viable today may be viable in the future when the cost of energy (electricity) is sky high.

Sunday, October 14, 2007

Opportunity to promote my innovation and services courtesy of Gumtree

I have published posts about my and my country's close links with Australia, so it is to my pleasure to come across this site Jobs in Adelaide. It is a site where you can post free advertisements. In the above case, it will be for advertisements related to jobs in Adelaide. I have sister, brother-in-law, nephews, nieces, colleague, friends and relatives spread around Australia, but I don't have any to the best of my knowledge, in Adelaide. Neither am l located in Adelaide. However, the consultancy and services job I seek can be done from any part of the world with an Internet connection, so I have no hesitation in posting a free ad at Jobs in Adelaide (or any part of the world) which will at the same time draw attention to the innovation that was instrumental in getting this blog started. This is an opportunity from heaven that need no money, only the time in preparing the ad.

You can see the ad at

I did not make that an active link because as time goes by, the ad drops further down from the top of the page and I do not know if eventually the ad will become offline. If that happens, it will become a dead link, and search engines spider do not like dead links. It can affect a site search engine ranking. But Gumtree is very good in that they send an email to you as the ad drops from the top of the page, and to put it at the top, all you need to do is to click on a link. I would suppose if I continue to do that, the ad will continue to be online, but I can't be sure. If you want to see my ad, you will have to copy-paste the ad URL into your browser address bar and press the ENTER key.

Gumtree do not just post the kind of ad I posted. The also have Adelaide classifieds where you can post your ads in categories including Flat/House Share, Flat/House Rent, Stuff for Sale, Cars for Sale, Community, Friends/Dating, Jobs and Business Services.

This, Dating in Adelaide, should interest those who are looking for soul mates. If you are single, available and interested, try that site. If you are married, I hope you keep away. No offence meant, just common decency.

Thursday, August 23, 2007

What you need for innovation

This blog is about an innovation on how to increase the aeration efficiency of wastewater treatment as described at Increasing aeration efficiency in wastewater treatment and Zero Energy Input Waterwheel Aerator.

However, before you can come up with innovations like these, you need a good grounding in education and a wide general knowledge plus preferalbly a passion for innovation and independent thinking. A good start is to have some tutoring help like what your can find at Online tutoring which means you can get tutoring in a wide range of subjects at a touch of a button form your computer at home with Internet access. Included in the range of subjects you can get online tutoring are Maths and Algebra which are basic requirements for all field of studies.

Tutoring in particular subjects may not be the only thing you need. You may need help with homework in which case Homework Help will be a good help.

With a good foundation in basic education, you will be much better placed with coming up with innovations which are essential for the continued progress of our civilasation.

Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Wastewater engineers and innovators need life insurance as well

Wastewater treatment plants need aeration, wasterwater engineers, plant operators and maintenance team. For progress and efficiency improvements, they also need innovators like me smiling face icon who came up with a possible way of increasing the energy efficiency of wastewater aeration in Increasing the energy efficiency of wastewater aeration aerobic wastewater treatment plants (click BACK to get back to this page).

All these people have something in common. They are not robots. They are human (that is, mortals). They can't live forever. And for the majority of them, they have families (dependents) who depend on their paychecks they bring home. If anything happened to them, the dependent will at best be faced with a lower standard of living, or worst, face great difficulties or may even lose the home they depend for shelter. The wise ones will get life insurance policies for protection.

There are types of life insurance policy. The purest form is Term Life Insurance. It require the lowest premium and is like car insurance or fire insurance. If nothing happens, you get nothing back. You can read more about this particular form of insurance at term insurance

Shopping for an insurance policy is a hassle. Being able to do that online and being able to get an instant quote is a great convenience, and you can do that at term life insurance quotes.

Thursday, June 07, 2007

Aerators (Ventilators) and Lightings for your House

One need not confine aeration to water. Houses too need aeration (ventilation). Farrey's sells online a range of ventilators at Ventilation and Vent Fan Products. They also sells a range of thousands of unique ceiling fans and accessories at Ceiling Fans and Fan Accessories for good circulation of air in your house.

However, Farrey's is not just limited to ventilation and air circulation products. They also offers hundreds of thousands of lighting fixtures, lights, lamps and outdoor lighting in a wide range of styles from top manufacturers like Ambience, Fine Art Lamps, Flos, Fontana Arte, George Kovacs, Hinkley Lighting, Kichler Lighting, Maxim Lighting, Minka Lavery, Murray Feiss, Quoizel, Sea Gull Lighting, etc. There are chandeliers, accent lamps, bath vanity strips, desk lamps, pendant fixtures, mini-pendants, floor lamps, desk lamps, picture lights, wall mounted sconces, flush and semi-flush ceiling light fixtures, wall mounted fixtures, etc. You can also get outdoor lights like pier mount lanterns, post mount lanterns, flood lights, deck lights, landscape lighting, etc.

Surf over to Lighting and you will find fine art lamps, forecast lighting, hinkley light fixtures and more. You have to surf over there to see for yourself.

Monday, March 12, 2007

Planet Panel, sharing your thoughts and getting your voice heard

Someone gave me a link to this interesting website today: Planet Panel. That was an entry page that allows one to read the site in various languages including
I chosed "English" and was taken to a Welcome to Planet Panel" page.

Found something that attracted me. It says it is a global community of people from 21 countries which encourages one to meet new people, share one's thoughts, look for advice and gets one's voice heard. That attracted me because I will like to share my thought on my "Zero Energy Input Waterwheel Aerator" and get people's opinion of it.

So without much hesitation, I went to the Planet Panel signup page, gave my first and last name, username, password and email address, read and agreed to the simple terms and registered. Having registered, the next page I was taken to was to indicate the country I live in. Next was the preferred language. That was the end of the registration process.

This page Planet Panel give members 2 ways of expressing oneself - post questions, answers or thoughts on various topics that interest you and participate in consumer surveys for informational purposes only.

I was looking for ways to post my thoughts on my Zero Energy Waterwheel Aerator and vaguely remembered that there was a forum for discussion, but could not find the link to it. However, I found the link to the FAQ, plus a link to the Contact Page. I clicked on that and input my first name, last name, email address and typed in my message. Now I am awaiting a response from Planet Panel. Will update this post as soon as I get the response.

Thursday, January 25, 2007

Purpose of Aeration

What is the purpose of aeration. In this post, we will discuss the various objectives of water aeration:

Removal of organic matters

This is the main objective of aeration in wastewater treatment. It uses microorganism and oxygen to convert the disolved organic matters to carbon dioxide, water and sludge (dead microorganism).

Removal of Volatile Organic Compounds

Aeration can strip volatile organic compounds from water, the effectiveness of which depend on their solubility and their volatility. Laboratory studies have shown that aeration can be an extremely effective way of removing chlorinated organics from water.

Iron Removal

For domestic drinking water, iron is not an acceptable constituent. It imparts a bitter, metallic taste and stain wash basins, toilets, urinals, bath tubs, showers, tiled floors and walls, cloths, in fact, everything it comes in contact with. Iron concentration exceeding 0.2 to 0.3 mg/l may be objectionable even though its presence is not objectionable from the hygienic point of view.

Aeration is also used for oxidation of iron in the water into compounds which are subsequently removed by filtration. Iron filtration operate on the principal of oxidizing the iron to convert it from a ferrous (dissolved or soluble) state to a ferric or undissolved state. Once in the ferric state, the insoluble iron compounds can be filtered out. For best results, the pH of the water should be between 6.5 and 10.0. The higher the pH, the faster the dissolved ferrous state can be converted to the insoluble ferric state.

Sulfur Removal

Hydrogen Sulfite or H2S, while not a health hazard, cause the rotten egg smell in water which people find offensive. It can be partially removed by aeration. Sulfur dioxide or SO2 and other gasses are more soluble in air than water so are transferred to the rising air bubbles

Reduce Algae

Aeration removes nitrogen, ammonia and soluble phosphate which are food for algae. The deprivation of food reduces algae growth. Aeration also helps aerobic bacteria, which have a very robost appetite for organic matters, to thrive. Aerobic bacteria are more efficient consumer of nutrients and thus their consumption by the aerobic bacteria lead to food starvation by the algae.