Monday, March 12, 2007

Planet Panel, sharing your thoughts and getting your voice heard

Someone gave me a link to this interesting website today: Planet Panel. That was an entry page that allows one to read the site in various languages including
I chosed "English" and was taken to a Welcome to Planet Panel" page.

Found something that attracted me. It says it is a global community of people from 21 countries which encourages one to meet new people, share one's thoughts, look for advice and gets one's voice heard. That attracted me because I will like to share my thought on my "Zero Energy Input Waterwheel Aerator" and get people's opinion of it.

So without much hesitation, I went to the Planet Panel signup page, gave my first and last name, username, password and email address, read and agreed to the simple terms and registered. Having registered, the next page I was taken to was to indicate the country I live in. Next was the preferred language. That was the end of the registration process.

This page Planet Panel give members 2 ways of expressing oneself - post questions, answers or thoughts on various topics that interest you and participate in consumer surveys for informational purposes only.

I was looking for ways to post my thoughts on my Zero Energy Waterwheel Aerator and vaguely remembered that there was a forum for discussion, but could not find the link to it. However, I found the link to the FAQ, plus a link to the Contact Page. I clicked on that and input my first name, last name, email address and typed in my message. Now I am awaiting a response from Planet Panel. Will update this post as soon as I get the response.

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