Thursday, August 23, 2007

What you need for innovation

This blog is about an innovation on how to increase the aeration efficiency of wastewater treatment as described at Increasing aeration efficiency in wastewater treatment and Zero Energy Input Waterwheel Aerator.

However, before you can come up with innovations like these, you need a good grounding in education and a wide general knowledge plus preferalbly a passion for innovation and independent thinking. A good start is to have some tutoring help like what your can find at Online tutoring which means you can get tutoring in a wide range of subjects at a touch of a button form your computer at home with Internet access. Included in the range of subjects you can get online tutoring are Maths and Algebra which are basic requirements for all field of studies.

Tutoring in particular subjects may not be the only thing you need. You may need help with homework in which case Homework Help will be a good help.

With a good foundation in basic education, you will be much better placed with coming up with innovations which are essential for the continued progress of our civilasation.


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