Saturday, March 12, 2005

Zero Energy Waterwheel Aerator

Before the non-believers of zero energy devices start bashing this blog, let me explain that the reference to no energy input refers to the claim that one do not supply any energy to this aerator. One uses external existing waste energy to power the aerator. Wastewater in wastewater treatment plant such as oxidation ditch are often in constant motion.

Oxidation ditch
Oxidation ditch
Oxidation ditch
Floating aerator
Note the tremendous amout of turbulance (kinetic energy) in the water stream.


The device being proposed consists of circular discs fitted with suitable number of paddles. When flowing wastewater pushes against the paddle, the discs rotates. As the discs rotate, wastewater clinging to the surface of the discs are brought up and large surfaces of the wastewater are constantly exposed to the air for the diffusion of oxygen into the water.

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