Sunday, October 21, 2007

Garden aerators and mailboxes

A home is not a bare house. It normally have a garden, rooms, kitchens, bathrooms, plus you would need to have a mailbox for your friendly postman to stuff in your letters in. You wouldn't like the friendly postman to throw your mail on your doorstep would you? If you don't provide a mailbox to receive your letters, that is just what might happen.

A garden need to be maintained. One of the problem that a garden may face is soil compaction which leads to poor aeration of the soil. To overcome that problem, there are garden or lawn aerator. There are 2 main types. One uses spikes to punch holes in the soil. Another pulls out plugs of soil. The second type is called a core aerator. It remove cores of soil to allow air contact.

A home, as mentioned earlier, also needs mailboxes. With the ubiquitous Internet, getting one that suit your home and your budget is easy, as you can verify from the above link.

If your home has a garden, a good choice is to have self-standing Column Mailboxes or you may prefer other types of residential mailboxes which are mostly wall mounted mailboxes.

That would make your home complete, a well aerated garden where earthworm can live in comfort and keep your lawn healthy and a mailbox to receive your important correspondences.

However, a home with a family need sustenance. To sustain a family requires the bread winner to work at a job for a salary to take home, or to run a business. The site mailboxixchange also have a range of Commercial Mailboxes for his office or factory premises.

Thursday, October 18, 2007

Economics: Viability of the Zero Energy Input Waterwheel Aerator

This is a reply to someone in a forum which can also be a discussion on the viability of this Zero Energy Input Waterwheel Aerator (click BACK button to get back to this page).

Hi Richard,

Thanks for the interest. The concept is good - use waste surplus energy for something useful, the problem is economics, the low price of electricity. As mentioned on the site, it can put 3.3 - 4kg of oxygen per annum per meter square of surface area. A plate has 2 sides, so per sq. meter of plate can get about 6.6-8kg of oxygen. This from the table for efficiency

Efficiency of Aeration System (click BACK button to get back to this page).

The least efficient uses 1.10 - 1.64kWh per kg oxygen
Cost of electricity depend on which country or location you are in. Some ideas may be obtained from

Basic Electricity Statistics (data for 2005 except where noted)

According to that site, cost to industry=5.13 US cent. That means the device can save max 40 US cent per annum. If we aim for cost recovery in 5 years, the device has to cost less than US2.00 per sq meter plate.

However, note that the cost of energy, especially petroleum and gas, is constantly increasing, and what may not be viable today may be viable in the future when the cost of energy (electricity) is sky high.

Sunday, October 14, 2007

Opportunity to promote my innovation and services courtesy of Gumtree

I have published posts about my and my country's close links with Australia, so it is to my pleasure to come across this site Jobs in Adelaide. It is a site where you can post free advertisements. In the above case, it will be for advertisements related to jobs in Adelaide. I have sister, brother-in-law, nephews, nieces, colleague, friends and relatives spread around Australia, but I don't have any to the best of my knowledge, in Adelaide. Neither am l located in Adelaide. However, the consultancy and services job I seek can be done from any part of the world with an Internet connection, so I have no hesitation in posting a free ad at Jobs in Adelaide (or any part of the world) which will at the same time draw attention to the innovation that was instrumental in getting this blog started. This is an opportunity from heaven that need no money, only the time in preparing the ad.

You can see the ad at

I did not make that an active link because as time goes by, the ad drops further down from the top of the page and I do not know if eventually the ad will become offline. If that happens, it will become a dead link, and search engines spider do not like dead links. It can affect a site search engine ranking. But Gumtree is very good in that they send an email to you as the ad drops from the top of the page, and to put it at the top, all you need to do is to click on a link. I would suppose if I continue to do that, the ad will continue to be online, but I can't be sure. If you want to see my ad, you will have to copy-paste the ad URL into your browser address bar and press the ENTER key.

Gumtree do not just post the kind of ad I posted. The also have Adelaide classifieds where you can post your ads in categories including Flat/House Share, Flat/House Rent, Stuff for Sale, Cars for Sale, Community, Friends/Dating, Jobs and Business Services.

This, Dating in Adelaide, should interest those who are looking for soul mates. If you are single, available and interested, try that site. If you are married, I hope you keep away. No offence meant, just common decency.